Friday, May 30, 2008

Do You Know Who I Am?

The young woman in the above photo is our beloved daughter. Her name is Kimberly. She could be your child or someone you love. Kimberly loved life. She was loved by everyone who knew her.
In the fall of 1993, Kimberly was diagnosed with non life threatening M. S. Her doctor was the Chief Neurologist at one of the leading hospitals in the United States. He had all the credentials and many years experience treating M. S. We trusted him. We had faith in him.
After many discussions, it was decided that Kimberly would follow his advice about her treatment. He told us that the drug Betaseron was the most effective and safe treatment available. No harmful side effects.
Kimberly followed his advise and injected herself every other day. At first having to mix a powder and liquid before the injection. She had routine physicals and blood work to monitor her progress. Always good results. Later the Betaseron came premixed ready for the injections.
On June 21st, 2006 Kimberly passed away very suddenly without any warning. Our world as we knew it exploded in an instant.
It has taken us two years to get answers that no one could give us. Her doctors were shocked. We were in shock. How could this happen? Kimberly was under doctors care and always been checked.
We asked her Neurologist if the Betaseron could have been linked to her death. He stated that he had never heard of any fatal events related to the drug. He said he would research and be in touch with us.
We waited for five months for the official cause of her sudden death. Severe Athersclerosis. This is found in very elderly people, rarely found in someone thirty four years old.
We asked too many questions and everyone seemed to run for cover. How did her doctors miss this? Kimberly had no history of heart disease.
As a last resort we decided to contact the Food and Drug Administration to see if they could help us. The person we spoke to was very helpful. She directed us to the Freedom of Information section of the F.D.A. We requestred any information that was related to Betaseron. Shortly after we received a package with everything we could imagine about the drug. It contained a report called F.O.I., Freedom of Information report on the After Marketing Adverse Events. This is the information about Betaseron that the pharmaceutical (BAYER) does not "HAVE TO DISCLOSE" We can thank our esteemed members of Congress for that. Congress seems to protect the pharmaceuticals while no one is protecting us. The report listed a number of the following effects not listed on the medication: DEATHS, MYOCARDIAL INFARCTION, CARDIAC FAILURE CONGESTIVE CARDIAC DISORDERS and CONVULSIONS to name only a few. The drug company is well aware of all these effects.
We later contacted Bayer Pharmaceuticals and asked some questions. We felt like we were talking to robots, preprogramed answers.
The conversation was as follows:
Question: Can you please explain why the people using Betaseron are not informed of the adverse events?
Answer: We are not required to list them under the present laws passed by Congress.
Question: How many people have to die before this information has to be disclosed?
Answer: There is no set number. Sometimes you have to leave a few behind for the good of the many.
Question: Would you say that if we were discussing your child?
Answer: I'm sorry sir there is nothing more I can tell you.

That conversation was very upsetting. Those answers validate what I was thinking (BETRAYAL) It is all about the money. We also sent her doctor a copy of the report and he denied any knowledge of it. WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU? He never contacted us again. He retired.
PLEASE.........ask your own doctor if he or she is aware of the after marketing Adverse Side Effects of BETASERON. THEY SHOULD KNOW.
We also contacted the M.S. Society. They knew, They DO NOT TELL YOU. They are all funded by the drug companies.
Hopefully, someone will read this and maybe " A LIFE CAN BE SAVED!" We suggest you seek out a good cardiologist and have a through exam, an ounce of protection. Had Kimberly known or had we known she would be here with us today. Please look into this. We do not want anyone else entering our nightmare, if it can be prevented. Maybe some day the members of Congress will adopt some sort of protocal to "PROTECT IT'S CITIZENS" who pay their salaries. That is, if they are not too busy voting themselves another pay raise. We are all on are own.
We have listed a copy of the reports for you to view. We welcome any comments, good, bad or otherwise.
Please remember, the Drug Companies have long arms and deep pockets along with powerful political allies. Getting their hands dirty is every day business for them. "THEY WILL SELL THEIR SOULS FOR A FEW PIECES OF SILVER" WE CAN ALL BECOME COLLATERAL DAMAGE!!!
Thank you for taking the time to read this. We hope we helped you in some small way. Feel free to reply. I will answer all of you as quickly as possible.

Kimberly's MOM & DAD

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